The Witch and the Hundred Knight Review: Crude but cute

OVERALL IMPRESSION: There’s a solid button-mashing action RPG hidden underneath the crude exterior. INFO: Developer: Nippon Ichi SoftwarePublisher: NIS AmericaAvailable for: PS3, PS4 REVIEW: The Witch and the Hundred Knight is not an Engrish mistranslation of a title. The Hundred Knight is a name – the name of a demon summoned from the depths of

Long Live the Queen Review: Royal death simulator

OVERALL IMPRESSION: A perfectly executed choose-your-own-story game about a young crown princess surviving until her coronation.. or failing to. INFO: Developer: Hanako GamesAvailable for: PC REVIEW: When I first met the crown princess Elodie she was pretty depressed over the loss of her mother. This made it hard for her to focus on any studies

Puzzle Forge 2 Review: Weapon making fun

OVERALL IMPRESSION: A definite improvement on the first game, Puzzle Forge 2 is fun and well-crafted. INFO: Developer: Tuesday QuestAvailable for: Android, iOS REVIEW: Puzzle Forge was a great little game that combined RPR elements with weapon forging and strategy. There were 70 weapons to discover, 10 heroes to unlock, and a surprisingly long-lasting kind

Drancia Review: The world’s real 1st neverending RPG

OVERALL IMPRESSION: While Drancia and Slayin may look very similar, Drancia provides more fun slaying and collecting monsters. INFO: Developer: SkipmorePublisher: Urara-Works Co.Available for: iOS, Android REVIEW: At first glance, Drancia is a clone of Slayin. In Slayin, you choose from unlockable characters and take on endless levels and monsters, slaying enemies and bosses, buying

Zen Koi Review: a koi’s life is very relaxing

OVERALL IMPRESSION Beautiful visuals, smooth controls, and a deep rooted desire to “collect them all” turns raising these Koi into an incredibly satisfying passtime. INFO: Developer: LandShark GamesAvailable for: iOS, Android REVIEW: After spending way too much time raising (and repeatedly killing) my Mola Mola I had gotten the feel for fish rearing. Abandoning my