Drancia Review: The world’s real 1st neverending RPG


While Drancia and Slayin may look very similar, Drancia provides more fun slaying and collecting monsters.


Developer: Skipmore
Publisher: Urara-Works Co.
Available for: iOS, Android


At first glance, Drancia is a clone of Slayin. In Slayin, you choose from unlockable characters and take on endless levels and monsters, slaying enemies and bosses, buying upgrades from randomly appearing shopkeepers, and level up your character on your adventure. The addition of an NES style retro controller design on the bottom gives it a certain charm, there’s no denying that.

Slayin brands itself as “the world’s first endless action RPG.” The truth is a bit different – developer Skipmore actually created Drancia first, following which Slayin was “inspired” by the game and created a mobile hit.

Slayin doesn’t just draw inspiration from Drancia, it practically reskins it.

Understandably annoyed, the developer brought Dancia to mobile as well, where it is endlessly accused of being a Slayin clone. Despite all this, there’s no question that Drancia is the better game.

The soundtrack is fantastic: it’s very old school RPG-esque, the kind of music you actually don’t get the urge to mute after five minutes of playing.

The character selection screen is very intuitive, as are the bar and shop. The shop contains some single use items that can help you along your adventures, bought with gems that you receive for progressing in the main campaign with any character.

In the bar, players can select three special characters and backgrounds for varying prices – none of that microtransaction stuff that tries to leech you of your money. You can also recruit more monsters to play as. There are over 50 characters to collect, and they each have their strengths and weaknesses.

That’s where the best part of Drancia comes in. Drancia is technically a rogue-like – dying means you lose all your progress and levels. And each time you start a new game, your character has a randomized skill tree you can upgrade as you see fit.

The different potential stats of each character are what influences the skill tree. Some characters are magic heavy, and will have more magic points in their skill trees than, say, health or attack points. There are also recovery skills, which will recover your HP once the moment you use them. Using each character’s skill trees to your advantage is what makes Drancia a fun and satisfying game to play.

You will also want to keep playing to unlock all the potential characters, as well as to finish the game for a New Game Plus option with that character. A leaderboard and even a story complete Drancia, and make it one game you don’t want to miss. If you’re not sure which game to play, go with the original.